willys engine serial numbers

Owner has correct parts and is going to replace one day. Could be used in other models by swapping out the front plate (or making an adapter). The First Of Its Kind! 58147 15221 16422 1202* 475 4x4 SW 54148 17271 18110 840 " " SD 54248 11207 11762 556 " " AMB 54048-03 10227 15281 55 6-226 2x4 SD 54267 11694 19144 251 " " AMB 54067-03 10042 10116 75 " " Mav 58167 11098 11473 376 6-226 4x4 SW 54168 56331 64238 7908 " " SD 54268 14562 15310 749 " " ST CH 54668 10101 10101 1 " " C/WS 54568 10101 10190 90 " " AMB 54068-03 10205 … startxref Engine serials numbers for the CJ-2A started out being stamped on the side on the block like the MB. I have a L134 Go Devil with engine block serial number J3159914. 0000026776 00000 n 6. If you find a serial number, you can look them up to determine the year your Willys was produced. trailer 0000009598 00000 n You have between a 1950-1953 Willys Truck / Station Wagon. Willys MA Serial Numbers: Sort by overall serial number: Chassis No Engine No Body No Dash No Date of Delivery USA Registration No ... Has different engine and transmission fitted at this stage. It also provides information about and links to other Jeep and Willys websites. Body Cowl Serial Number: 2030 (stamped on body) Frame Serial Number: MB 100066 based on body s/n. 0000025717 00000 n The points and condenser is likely the same as a Jeep, ask at your local auto parts house for a 1960's CJ-5 with a F134 engine, the part numbers are the same. There is evidence that my Willys had a plate on the upper left firewall, inside the engine compartment, above the steering column (it is not there anymore). Post Reply. A2: If it’s an overhead cam motor, go to #8. Can anyone tell me what year this engine was built. Serial Number Stamped on the Body The Ford-built GPW bodies did not have a body number stamped on them. Step 2. Send Private Message. I have a 1945 willys jeep. Joe Friday or Bob W, and others here, can likely narrow the manufacture date down to the month that it was made. Please check Jeep WILLYS car parts catalog for additional information if you're looking for parts to repair your vehicle. … 1952-1963 M38-A1 w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1956-1964 FC-150 w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1950-1950 Jeep Jeepster VJ w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1950-1954 Pickups w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1950-1955 Station Wagons w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1950-1955 Sedan Delivery w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine 1966-1971 C101 Commando w/ 4-134 F-Head Engine. See the 13-digit vehicle identification number, your vehicle registration papers, on the dash inside the Jeep or on the drivers side firewall in the engine compartment. The L-134 "Go-Devil" engine was used in many commercial applications besides CJ-2A (tractors, compressors, generators, welders, railroad cars, etc., etc). At some point very early in '46, the serial numbers moved to the top of the engine block. It was also used in the Willys 473 and 475 pickups, wagons, and sedan deliveries. Numbers start at 10,001. Availability: Quantity: + − Add to cart for $ 2.99 Add to wish list … Hello Gents. The casting numbers are part of the engine casting and are not stamped onto the metal of the block like a serial number. Next. This came out of a 1949 CJ-3A so has the proper front plate with the mounting flange bent forward on the drivers side (to accommodate the fuel pump). It is under the oil filter cannister. Manuals the Willys MB / Ford GPW. Serial numbers are located on the identifiaction plate located near the bottom rear of the left hand door frame. The 8th Place to 13th Place indicate the year of production. Mid-1960's numbers with prefix 8105 are interpreted in 1960-1967 Serial Numbers. Engine serial number. MARINE (Low Profile) (2 Bbl. 109921 to 115262 – Jan 42 15878 to 122112 – Feb 42 124393 to 132284 – Mar 42 132285 to 139891 – April 42 125 0 obj<>stream Is your 6 cylinder motor a flat head motor or an overhead cam? Please help if anyone can.Hi Melanie, according to the serial number you have a 1957 CJ-5. Engine Serial Number 4 Engine Casting Number Hood Number Grill Type Rigid/Tilt Electrical 12/24V e Contract # N MD1837 4 9/52 UNK UNK US Army UNK e d e K K Has both T A i 3 h t T "T" s crew s ilt 24V D3-019-ORD 630 M D 1 9 1 5 6 U N K UNK UNK NEKAF UNK Latc h Rigid UNK UNK MD1921 6 UNK UNK UNK UNK UNK Latc Rig UNK UK MD1923 2 Sep 1952 UNK UNK US UNK TScrew Hing d UNK UNK … 2. Any help would be appreciated. The list of Jeeps on this page includes Willys Jeeps with serial numbers in the normal series (with prefixes 453GB2, 453GC2, 454GB2, OB54, 57348 or 8105). Are there other serial numbers? There is also a toe board gusset serial number, or body number, the same as on W. This plate is from a 1959 model. Carb.) Look for a serial number stamped into a rounded area on the passenger side of the engine block just below the cylinder head and behind the oil filter canister. Serial number lists of other models of Willys vehicles indicate that engine serial numbers increase at a faster rate than the vehicle serial numbers. It also has the front fenders that curve down in the front about 8 inches, a weird “snout” style inlet hidden in the grill on the drivers side that goes nowhere , the gas tank under the drivers seat and the storage compartment on the pass side under that seat. Step 1. Each WWII jeep was assigned an individual serial number. 123 24 Willys engines have numbers that start with the letters "MB" (MB123456) whereas Ford engine numbers usually start with "GPW" (GPW123456) If your serial number is not located as shown on the serial number page, then you probably have a post-war replacement or civilian engine block in your jeep. It also provides information about and links to other Jeep and Willys websites. The casting numbers on an engine or block can be used to help determine what engine your vehicle has. 0 According to the serial number you have a 1958 Willys Truck 4WD with the 6-226 engine. Find Members Posts. Go to these links to locate your other numbers. Chassis Serial Numbers by Year Year Model Serial No. Willys Service Bulletin 52-79 dated December 26, 1952 explains the meaning of the serial number prefixes Willys used from November 15, 1950 through 1954, such as 453GB2. The casting numbers are part of the engine casting and are not stamped onto the metal of the block like a serial number. CJ-3A Owner's Photos & Serial Number Database . Disassembling a L134 Ford GPW engine. <<58cacdc26af6834da2ad0d6e3f65d8e4>]>> MDxxxxx for a M38A1 or M170 installed engine, 4J xxxxxx for a CJ3B or CJ5 or CJ6 installed engine. Serial Numbers Serial numbers are located on the outside of the left front frame (at least that is what I am told - I never found them on my Willys). Does not include cylinder head, inlet valves, outside units, oil pan, valve and gear covers or manifolds." They are also sometimes located on a plate on the left side of the box under the seat.
Serial numbers indicate the year an engine was made and its displacement.Turn off your Jeep and open the hood, securing it in place with the rod so it will not fall on your head as you examine the engine. 0000024340 00000 n Information without * in the last column was not validated. 0000023175 00000 n F-134 - Located on tap water pump boss at upper front end of cylinder block. Has an MB chassis. On WWII Willys jeeps, the engine numbers are usually a higher number than the frame number (they didn’t match like fords). 0000001410 00000 n 0000020257 00000 n Information Sources Charlie Weaver of Winston-Salem, NC has transcribed a set of Willys-Overland Production Figures for 1945-61 handwritten by Willys employee Norton Young, and these figures are likely the most accurate available for those years. At some point this changed. The engine plant would crank out engines, not knowing to where they would end up, meaning a portion of engines may find their way into the industrial side for use as a generator, air compressor, or power a tractor. 0000020732 00000 n On WWII Willys jeeps, the engine numbers are usually a higher number than the frame number (they didn’t match like fords). Member Joined: 09 Nov. 2014 Location: Silverton, OR Status: Offline Points: 5992 Post Options. This then, is a "Numbers Matching" vehicle, with original engine - but is unlikely to turn up at … xref This is the first vehicle I’ve had where the serial number seems to define the vehicle. Engine numbers: Willys produced more engines than vehicles. 5. In 1955, Willys and Kaiser established a new numbering system. Follow these links to learn more about WWII Jeeps. K - V6-225 7.4 To 1 C.R. Ending 1945 CJ-2A 10001 11824 1946 CJ -2A 11825 83379 4-63 10001 16534 1947 CJ -2A 83380 148458 4-63 16535 44050 Engine only - Rein recently bought a 44 Willys Jeep (MB 362091), and was surprised when he checked the engine serial number and found GPA735: 24 Oct 2013: GPA790: 21 Oct 1942: Russia: 11 Nov 2013: GPA839: GPA839: 12 Oct 1942: Joshua Roach: USA: 13 Feb 2012: GPA907: Russia: Engine only. endstream endobj 124 0 obj<> endobj 126 0 obj<>>> endobj 127 0 obj<> endobj 128 0 obj<> endobj 129 0 obj<>stream 0000004745 00000 n Add to Buddy List. Every buyer must check Jeep WILLYS car history before getting a car loan or credit. It’s a Willys L-134 complete fan to flywheel, and oil pan to carburetor with brown bakelite distributor cap But what I need help with is identifying what year this engine is serial numbers On top of block behind water pump 2 (that’s right 2 and just 2) In small oval behind oil filter MB 628776 On lower passengers side of block 638632 W5A NI-CR (2 BbI. x�b```"OV�. The Willys F4-134 Hurricane was an inline-4 piston engine and powered the famous Jeep CJ in the CJ-3B, CJ-5, and CJ-6 models. Willys Jeep Truck 1947–1964 - Similar to the Willys Jeep Wagon, Wheel base is 118", Engines L4-134 Go-Devil, F4-134 Hurricane, 6-226 Super Hurricane I6, 1950-64 V-Shaped Front Grille. This meant that gap between the serial number of the engines and the … You can search Jeep WILLYS parts by VIN number. This seems close enough to the vehicle number for it to probably be its original engine. MARINE (High Profile)(2 Bbl. Current as of April 16 2019. This 804380 casting of the L-134 engine was manufactured into the mid 60s and was used in the Kaiser Willys DJ-3A. Willys engines have numbers that start with the letters 'MB' (MB123456) whereas Ford engine numbers usually start with 'GPW' (GPW123456) If your serial number is not located as shown on the serial number page, then you probably have a post-war replacement or civilian engine block in your jeep. Your WWII jeep serial number is an important part of finding the history behind your jeep. Its serial number is 78792. This is because Willys engines were taken out of the production line as needed and put into portable power generators, searchlight units, and welders. Z - V6-225 9.0 To 1 C.R. 0000000776 00000 n “Selling a circa 1949 Willys Jeep L134 engine. It is possible to get market price of new or used Jeep WILLYS by VIN number. (See serial number page). History. I have a 1946 CJ2A in England, although it was imported from USA about 7 years ago. !b`a`b� ��^AS���g���KxT~��C���� ��&����c�("����rg�a?�ͼ�yL��@�g^�`�J Examine the engine. The simplest solution for the plugs and wires issue might be to replace the entire distributor with a civilian jeep type and go with unshielded resistor wires for noise suppression. All Willys MB and Ford GPW jeeps have a serial number tag on the left front of the frame. Generally, the block casting numbers are found on the right side of the engine block below the distributor. Surviving CJ-3B Jeeps CJ-3B Serial Number and Engine Number List . Engine Code: 8th – 13th ##### SSN (Sequential Serial Number) Back to Decoding Jeep Vehicle VIN Numbers. Step 1. The CJ-3A Page provides information and history for Willys CJ-3A Jeep Owners. The first CJ-3A engine serial number should be 3J10001 and then increase through out the remainder of production. Projects & Installs Teraflex JK Adjustable Spare Tire Mount Install Posted by jeepfan.com. It has a Willy’s tailgate, 4-cyl engine with the beginning serial number 806279-W-18(believe it’s an 8)-D-AR.

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